Amazon US Workers Strike for Better Conditions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Countless Amazon warehouse Workers in the US went on Attack Tuesday against what they say are unsafe working conditions amid the coronavirus Stunt, organizers said.

“More than 350 employees have now pledged” to strike, the Athena coalition, a group of employees’ rights associations, said in a statement, adding that the stoppage will be effective” starting today.”

However, according to Amazon, marriages”grossly exaggerated” the amount of involvement from the protests.

“More than 250,000 people have come to work today, even over last week to serve their own communities,” spokeswoman Lisa Levandowski said.

“We encourage anyone to compare the health and security measures Amazon has taken, and the speed of the implementation, in this catastrophe with other retailers,” she added.

Two weeks ago, Amazon announced it had been distributing countless masks to workers and implementing temperature tests at all its US and European websites.

But, according to Athena, the use of these measures has been”questioned repeatedly by employees on the floor “

The online retail giant was accused because the start of the outbreak of failing to sufficiently protect its employees and of firing workers in the US who led protest movements.

The protest comes just days before a planned online attack by Amazon coders and engineers.

The company has said it’ll recruit 175,000 new employees in the US to help with runaway need as individuals locked down because of the pandemic order items online.

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