Windows Notepad Returns to Microsoft Store With New Features

Interestingly, the app is called as Windows Notepad instead of Notepad. Until now, the text editing program that’s been a part of the Windows platform as 1985, was pre-installed on Windows computers. The new program, however, can only be downloaded on systems running Windows 10 variant 19541.0 or higher. It is also essential to note that the brand new Windows Notepad app doesn’t update the existing Notepad from the machine, but is a brand new app altogether with new capabilities.

Coming to the attributes, Microsoft from the official description of the new program highlights that the new Notepad allows”users edit encoded documents and source code instantly.” It also states that”multiple encodings including UTF-8, UTF-16, and ANSI” can now be saved via the new program. We could also anticipate the new Windows Notepad to incorporate an improved find/replace option and Text Zooming feature which has been previously rolled out on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17713.

To recall, the zooming feature that is currently restricted to Windows Insider builds enables users to enlarge or decrease the size of this text by using mixtures like Control + Plus or Control + Minus. Users may also use Ctrl + 0 to reestablish the zoom level to the default dimensions. Similarly, we could also expect the new Windows Notepad to demonstrate the column and line numbers in the status bar that has been also inserted in the upgraded Notepad in the build 17713.

As stated before, the new Windows Notepad app is only going to work on Windows 10 variant 19541.0 or even higher.

The development was first spotted by Beta News. This is not the first time Notepad appeared at the Microsoft Store. The app was released in Microsoft Store for Windows Insider construct users in August this past year, however it was then removed in December.

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