Huawei Phones Won’t Get Google and Apple’s Contact Tracing App Meant to Reduce Spread of COVID 19: Report

US Businesses were banned from doing business with Huawei last year that forced the Chinese company to release their new phones without Google services.

This exclusion currently means that phones made by Huawei which do not have Google providers won’t receive the contact monitoring system’ that Google and Apple are working to avoid the spread of coronavirus. The system was to be reportedly implemented through software updates from both companies to their devices, but as a result of the ban, lots of Huawei phone users will probably be left from this update.

As per a report by The Telegraph, users that have newer Huawei mobiles that come without Google apps and services will not be able to use this monitoring tool that is being developed for a worldwide rollout. But presumably, the elderly Huawei phones which were sold prior to the ban will continue to have the ability to take advantage of this instrument but as of today, this can’t be confirmed.

The’contact tracing system’ utilizes Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) for proximity detection to identify people who have been infected with coronavirus and others they have come into contact.

Talking about how many people will be impacted by this growth, Huawei is among the top three smartphone manufacturers on the planet and by fourth quarter of 2019, the company had allegedly sent more than 56.2 million tablets. But, it is uncertain how many of these had Google Mobile Services and Google apps out of the box.

These phones will not be getting the Google and Apple contact-tracing program.

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