Virtual Mega-Concert Featuring Stones, Swift Celebrates Health Workers

A virtual concert Packaged with A-listers — by The Rolling Stones to Taylor Swift into Billie Eilish — Amused Lovers around the world Using a Series celebrating health Employees, as billions Shield in the home Because of coronavirus.

Lizzo, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney and LL Cool J also united from the Lady Gaga-curated online celebration – called One Earth: Together at Home, that has been endorsed by the Global advocacy firm Global Citizen in partnership with all the World Health Organization.

Before opening the series Lady Gaga — that started working with International Citizen and the WHO weeks back to fundraise to the struggle against COVID-19 — said she had been praying for medical employees and “thinking about all you who are in the home, that are wondering if this is all likely to be different.”

“What I would love to do tonight, when I could, is only give you the permission , to get a minute — grin,” she explained as she broke into a rendition of Nat King Cole’s”Smile.”

Mick Jagger also looked classic regardless of his 76 years since he delivered the classic”You Can’t Always Get What You Would like,” as his fellow Stones played from their respective houses, such as a smiling Charlie Watts about the atmosphere drums

Additionally in her piano Swift played with the vulnerable”Soon You Will Get Better,” that the pop phenom wrote about her mother’s struggles with cancer.

International Citizen planned the primetime event broadcast on major television programs globally — and hosted by American Cuban tv characters Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert — maybe not as a design but as a minute of unity through tune.

In addition they proposed it as a”rallying cry” to encourage health workers, whilst coronavirus has 4.5 billion individuals forced or advocated to remain home.

Before the event Worldwide Citizen started advocating philanthropists, businesses and governments to encourage the WHO in its own coronavirus reaction efforts, stating it’s raised $35 million to neighborhood associations and the global health body’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

‘True personalities’
Along with performances — McCartney played with”Lady Madonna,” as Lizzo belted out a strong version of”A Change Is Gont Come” — the occasion highlighted the attempts of essential workers globally, such as medical personnel and people providing sanitary and food products to vulnerable populations.

None aside from Queen Bey herself combined into thank”authentic heroes” that are”away from their own families, caring for ours.”

Beyonce, a Houston native, also highlighted the coronavirus pandemic in the USA is disproportionately affecting black Americans, who constitute a sizable portion of”essential areas of the workforce which don’t have the luxury of working at home,” she explained.

Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan and literary singer Burna Boy were one of the participants at case that included former US first women Michelle Obama and Laura Bush in addition to media personality and philanthropist Oprah.

“Tonight, throughout the international language of music, we salute the bravery and sacrifice of wellness heroes and many others,” stated UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres at a clip played throughout the broadcast.

“And join our call for an international ceasefire to concentrate on our common enemy — the virus”

‘Drink humanity’
Football phenom David Beckham held a video conversation with young athletes, encouraging them to keep honing their skills in the home with athletic events canceled forever.

And New Yorker Sarah Jessica Parker of”Sex and the City” fame gave out a shout from her sofa to health workers toiling in the city’s especially hard-hit hospital Elmhurst.

Hospital employees also gave testimony to their vital work combating the virus.

Founded in scrubs, Aisha al Muntheri talked from Paris to state she had been proud to serve”on the front lines together with my coworkers “

“It is a part of our worth in medication to serve humankind,” she explained.

“The humankind is our common language.”

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