Coronavirus Lockdown: Government Enables IT Firms to Work With 50 Percent Staff From April 20

The government has decided to Provide some Comfort to the IT Industry by allowing it to Work with 50 percent staff.

According to the guidelines, companies in the information-technology business will be permitted to operate with 50 percent staff from the offices from April 20. India has been under lockdown since March 25. Within a speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that the government had decided to expand the lockdown to May 3. He had said that some concessions may be given to the people after April 20.

“Digital market is critical to the services industry and is important for national expansion. Accordingly, e-commerce operations, operations of IT and IT-enabled services, call and data centers for Government actions, and online instruction and distance learning are permitted activities now,” the authorities said.

“Manufacture of IT hardware and of course crucial goods and packagings will also be permitted,” it added.

India has been under lockdown for the previous three weeks and with the forthcoming relaxation, the IT sector will be taking a look at mitigating losses as several workers are currently working from home. On the other hand, the IT industry employers will need to be very careful in ensuring that the congregation of employees doesn’t allow the spread of COVID-19 pandemic because the coronavirus can disperse readily in an area where several men and women gather.

The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has been maintaining the authorities in India on its own feet. The nation has seen close to 12,000 total instances of this disease and out of whom, 392 people have expired. It has been advised by experts that lockdown is the very best way to ensure that the string of the spread of coronavirus breaks.

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