LG Folder 2 Flip Phone With SOS Key and AI Voice Service Launched: Price, Specifications

LG has announced the successor to the LG Folder, aptly called the Folder 2.

This new device is an Android reverse phone but not the Samsung Galaxy Flip kind. Just like the LG Folder, the LG Folder 2 is a dual-screen flip smartphone which has a small display on the exterior and the primary display inside. It also has a T9 keypad that can be used for inputs. Additionally, it has an SOS key that’s positioned at the back alongside the camera. The phone is targeted to senior citizens and other customers who prefer easier phones.

The LG Folder 2 is priced at KRW 198,000 (approximately Rs. 12,400) and will probably be available in South Korea from April 17th. LG will supply the Folder two in 2 color options, New Platinum Gray and White. There is no word on a release outside South Korea at this time. It’s not likely to be released in India.

LG’s brand new Folder 2 smartphone has a 2.8-inch QVGA display when you flip it open. It also has a 0.9-inch mono screen on the outside that may be used for notifications. It reveals notifications for text messages, calls, time battery life, and signal power.

The SOS Key on the rear lets users predicts a pre-registered amount by pressing on it three times fast within 1.5 seconds. The telephone also sends the location information with a text message.

The hotkey for AI Voice service is put above the call button. When pressed, the AI Voice recording or service function is executed based on the carrier. The AI Voice service recognizes and replies back every time a user asks questions about weather, date, time, and easy calculations. LG Folder 2 also has an info safety lock function to prevent unintentional data charges.

It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 SoC and has 1GB of RAM. It also has 8GB of onboard storage that is expandable up to 32GB via MicroSD card slot. It’s a 1470mAh battery and a 2-megapixel camera.


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