The Simpsons Begins Streaming April 15 on Disney+ Hotstar — All Episodes and Film

Wednesday, April 15 — that Is the Launch date for Several 31 seasons of The Simpsons on Disney+ Hotstar, the newly-upgraded streaming Agency announced During the weekend.

Moreover, the 2007 feature-length film The Simpsons Film and the 2020 brief movie Playdate with Destiny are also accessible on Disney+ Hotstar, Gadgets 360 has discovered. There is no confirmation as yet on the 2012 brief film The Longest Daycare. All of it will only be available to subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar Premium — it costs Rs. 299 a month or Rs. 1,499 annually — that means there won’t be any local-language dubs of the animated sitcom.

This really is great news for lovers of The Simpsons. Earlier in April on its launch day, Disney+ Hotstar had announced the Simpsons would be available by the end of April. It’s currently arriving 15 days early, including the continuing The Simpsons season 31, which results in hiatus this week in America. Disney+ Hotstar had unintentionally published The Simpsons year 12 on the agency’s launch day, as Gadgets 360 initially reported, but it had been taken down a couple days later.

Created by Matt Groening from the’80s, The Simpsons has won a total of 34 Emmys during its run. It has also turned into the longest-running scripted show during American prime time. The aforementioned 2007 movie made over $527 million at the global box office. The Simpsons was hugely successful for its animated sitcom genre, even although it has been criticised because of its own racial stereotyping, revolving around the Indian-American character of Apu, and its declining quality after season 10.

The Simpsons will be available April 15 on Disney+ Hotstar. Listed below are the links for that the 31 seasons, The Simpsons Movie, and Playdate with Destiny. They aren’t currently live.

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