Thank You Coronavirus Helpers: Google’s Most Up-to-date Doodle at India Due Healthcare Workers

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers is Google’s Most Up-to-date doodle to thank all the medical staff for their Continuing efforts in the fight against coronavirus.

Now’s doodle in India is dedicated to all the physicians, nurses, physicians and medical employees as represented by the’e’ at the end. There is also a link under the search bar that takes you to Google India’s YouTube video which is a brief compilation of folks thanking the medical staff for their services. This new doodle a part of the business’s’Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ effort to thank folks around the globe for their efforts throughout the continuing struggle against the virus.
Today’s Google Doodle at India has got the’e’ at Google dressed to look like a doctor. Clicking on the doodle brings up the search query –‘Thank You Coronavirus Helpers’ – and also the outcomes prominently feature an ad for your website. Hovering over it that the doodle shows the text,’To all physicians, nurses, and medical workers, thank you’ that is also present as a link below the search bar. Clicking it takes you to a video titled’Thank you doctors, nurses and all healthcare employees’ on Google India’s YouTube channel. The video states that people have been looking for ways in which they can assist medical workers, and what they can do to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Additionally, it shows people thanking the doctors and medical staff to working through those trying times.

Google talked about its forthcoming doodles at a blog post from last week saying,”Over the next two weeks, our Doodles will honour other essential frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders and also the many people keeping services such as sanitation, food assistance, public transit, schools, and much more up and running. Thank you to all of the people that are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this outbreak.”

Especially, the Google Doodle for Monday April 13 at India has been the Google Doodle for April 7 in other countries. The doodle archive shows this effort started by thanking the public health employees and researchers from the scientific community on April 6. On April 8, it was – Thank You: Emergency services employees, April 9 – Offering You: Custodial and sanitation employees, April 10 – Thank You: Farmworkers and farmers and April 13 – Thank You: Grocery employees.

Google Doodles in the past have drawn attention towards parties, historic occasions, and birth and death anniversaries of significant men and women.

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