Samsung Galaxy S21 Tipped to Feature Under-Display Selfie Camera

Samsung Declared its Galaxy S20 lineup of smartphones in February and, rumors about its next-generation Galaxy S-series Telephones have started surfacing.
In the quest to attain maximum screen real-estate, an under-display selfie camera seems to be the next obvious step for smartphone makers.
According to a tweet by tipster Ice universe, Samsung could be evaluating the under-display selfie camera technologies. The tweet says that Samsung is contemplating utilizing the under-screen camera technology on the Galaxy S21 first. It sites galaxy S21′ indicating that the second generation Galaxy S-series cellphone could possibly be called the Galaxy S21. However, that is also just speculation because Samsung jumped out of the Galaxy S10 series to the Galaxy S20 series, skipping over the Galaxy S11 nomenclature. Also, since there is no confirmation from Samsung concerning the same, this news should be taken with a pinch of salt.
But, as stated by the report from SamMobile, the quality of photos taken from those cameras was less than desirable. The issue was insufficient lighting and pixel count in the area of the screen where the selfie camera is set. The report also points out that Samsung makes the ideal OLED panels on the planet and if anybody can tackle these issues, it’s Samsung.
We’ve seen several implementations of the selfie camera that aim to provide increased screen real-estate having an uninterrupted display. There have been notches — both big and small, hole-punch screens, and pop-up selfie cameras. While the pop-up selfie camera execution seems to provide the maximum screen space, it required adding transferring parts to the phone which may lead to difficulties over time. Notably, Samsung has experimented with the hole-punch, notch design, and also a peculiar rotating camera design.

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