Microsoft Delays Windows 10X Launch, Surface Neo Dual-Screen Devices Not to Launch in 2020

Microsoft introduced Windows 10X late last year to Get dual-screen devices, and at the time of launch, the company Stated that the first device running Windows 10X will be released from 2020.
But, new internal information reportedly suggests that no new Windows 10X devices will be launched this calendar year. Whether it’s due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, or another motive, Microsoft has told its workers that it will not be launching the expected Surface mobile dual-screen devices running on Windows 10X this calendar year.
ZDNet reports, mentioning people in Microsoft acquainted with the matter, that Chief Product Officer Panos Panay held an internal team meeting advising employees that there won’t be any Surface Neo dual-screen devices launching this season. Moreover, Windows 10X reportedly will not be sent to some other third-party dual-screen device, which means that no Windows 10X devices should be anticipated this calendar 2020. The report adds that Microsoft is shifting the focus of Windows 10X away from dual-screen devices, and is seeking to bring it to single-screen devices. Last, the report also claims Microsoft isn’t stating the Android-based Surface Duo smartphone might be postponed beyond its holiday season launch timeframe.
In February, Microsoft launched the Windows 10X emulator that enabled Windows Insider members to develop and test programs with this new platform. The company meant to launch the brand new software in vacation 2020, but the firm has now reportedly changed its aims.
Due to the continuing pandemic, Microsoft in February stated also anticipates lower sales of Windows and Surface apparatus this season. But, it’s seeing a surge in its software services such as Skype and Microsoft Teams. The number of people utilizing Microsoft’s Skype video calling system increased by 70 percent per month to 40 million individuals, as more individuals stay home on account of the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Teams messaging and chat app gained over 12 million daily users in 1 week a month, a 37.5 percent leap.

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