Unannounced Dell Laptops Spotted on Company Site, Expected to Be New XPS 15 and XPS 17 Versions

Dell’s refreshed XPS 15 and rumoured XPS 17 laptops have been in the news for some time, and now It’s speculated that the Corporation Might Have accidentally published a Picture showing the new XPS laptops.
As per a Reddit user, four mysterious laptops were spotted on Dell’s Precision Laptops webpage (now taken down) where two did not appear to resemble the older generation Precision laptops. It’s thought that Dell might have shown the refreshed version of XPS 15 and XPS 17 laptops while another two are reportedly new Precision series laptops. The previous laptop Dell added into the XPS show was the XPS 13 launched in January 2020.
In the photo that was first shared by Reddit user WesolyKubeczek but later by other consumers, we could notice four Dell laptops placed into two columns and rows.
However, the speakers on the XPS 15 and XPS 17 are located next to the computer keyboard unlike the old XPS laptops at which speakers were located in the base. More to the point, the chin of the screen of the XPS notebooks as seen from the photograph shared by Reddit users is almost absent. The trackpad on the two laptops seems to be larger.
Additionally, other hardware characteristics that appear in the photo of the rumoured XPS 15 and XPS 17 are four USB Type-C interfaces, an SD card slot, and a headset port.
Formerly, several reports maintained the new XPS laptops will be called XPS 15-9500 and XPS 17-9700. Right now, Dell has not confirmed the launch of the new XPS laptops and much more information from the company is expected in the coming weeks.
Moreover, the other two notebooks seen from the photograph are believed to the new Precision series notebooks. The Reddit user also pointed out that the screen size of the two notebooks appears to be 15-inch and 17-inch because of the large keyboard.
To recall, Dell at 2019 launched its XPS 13-7390 and Dell XPS 15-7590 in India for beginning Rs. 1,13,990 and Rs. 1,66,990, respectively. The business also established a newer XPS 13-9300 earlier in January in select states.


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