Earn Rs.5000 daily or more money during lockdown situation? Here is how!

This is really hard to explain this situation and it is really difficult to spend all the time being at a home without earning money. We cannot go outside to earn money, daily users cannot get an office and get 0Rs. Salary at the end of the month. Yes, no way to earn money for our family. Maybe the lockdown time can be extended in the future.
                Do now worry I am here for you with a great solution. Yes, I can tell you the solution to solve your earning issue. You can earn a big amount of money after this article. I will explain it and I’ll guide you here.
I am talking about Gooe Mall.Gooe Mall is an online gold store. During the promotion phase, it has 4 platforms to predict the price of gold. Gooe Mall will charge 2% service fee in every transaction as a commission to reward all agents.
                You only need to be at home every day to get income with your mobile phone, just like many people doing this.

Why Gooe Mall?

·         Don’t need to go outside: From your smartphone, you can earn a big amount of money every day. It does not hold any limit for earning.
·         Earn Without Investment: Gooe Mallgives you the opportunity to make money even without investment. You can refer others like me and earn a commission from your referrals.
💰Levels Reward💰
💰Levels – Members – Reward (Rs) 💰
Level 1         1    – VIP Study Group
Level 2         3          200
Level 3         5          500
Level 4         9         1,200
Level 5         15        2,400
Level 6         27        4,900
Level 7         48        8,100
Level 8         72       16,600
Level 9         120 –    45,800
Level 10        256 –   108,800
When your member invests at least 500, it is a valid member.👍🏼
·         Additional Income: You can earn additional earning from your increasing level. Your earning the level will increase when your referrals come and earn additional earnings.
You invite 1 member, you get rewards:
Level 1:  ₹ 120
Level 2:  ₹ 140
Level 3:  ₹ 160
Level 4:  ₹ 180
Level 5:  ₹ 200
Level 6:  ₹ 220
Level 7:  ₹ 240
Level 8:  ₹ 260
Level 9:  ₹ 280
Level10:  ₹ 300
    Daily Money Withdraws:  In this market, no one can give you Monday to Friday daily money withdrawal facilities like Gooe Mall. Yes, you withdraw your earnings any day as you need. You don’t have to inform anyone or don’t have to take permission also. You are the only owner of you earning. You can withdraw your earnings at your ATM or Bankcard, Bank account also.
  Rate of Income is much higher than others: Gooe Malltakes only a 2% commission from your investments for agents and other expenses. So, this reason you can earn much higher money than the other trading app. Another thing is you can predict any particular number like 1,2,3,4 or 0… you can get 8times of profit if your prediction is correct. You can also predict 0, 5 as Violate to earn 45 times of profits. Green (1, 3, 7, 9) and Read (2, 4, 6, 8) predictions give you 100% of profits.

*What is VIP Study Group in Gooe Mall?

You are eligible for VIP Study Group when you invite a valid member. In this group, you can know or get a lot of lessons from experienced people and Analysts. You have to inform your agent.

What to do now?

What are you waiting for? Just click here and register yourself to get this big opportunity first. You have more chance to get more income from home if you are enough smart and don’t wait for the luck.
Inform me after complete your registration. WhatsAppme and start your journey today.
How to Promote Gooe Mall to invite referral?

After your registration, you have to click on ‘My’ Option from the bottom right corner. Then click on ‘My Promotion’ under the Red Envelope. Now click on the ‘Go Now’ option right side of ‘Invite Friends’ option. Bottom of the page you will find your invitation code and click ‘Copy’ on right side of ‘My invite link’. Share with your friends and family.
I hope you will make a huge income and recover all of your lone, losses, financial issues and fulfill your dreams by making high bank balance with a high lifestyle. Best Of Luck.


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