Zee5 offer Unlimited Entertainment For Free of Cost Now during LOCKDOWN period

We know what we are facing during the lockdown period. I have to stay at home and looking for some entertainment and spend my free time. That is why Zee5 gives us the opportunity to get premium shows and movies free of cost.
                I was also looking for some subscription and like other people I have no earnings during the lockdown period. So, I am not trying to speed left money on some subscription for entertainment purposes.
                Suddenly a notification comes to my smartphone and notified Zee5 giving free of cost entertainment with premium features during lockdown periods.
                I just open the app on my desktop and start a premium show and it was asking for login. I have my login id and login in the Zee5 account. I choose the premium section and start the show and here is the proof you have at the top of this article.
So, it is totally free of cost best entertainment at this time period during the lockdown. Zee5 company doing a good step for the people and make them safe by their free entertainment packages.
                Hope you understand and please stay at home to give lives. Also, the government has told us don’t panic and they will provide free service also like gas, electricity, ration, no EMI. So, Zee5 also trying to push you at home and watch premium shows for free of costs.
                You need to open play store on your smartphone or Smart TV and download Zee5 app to install. Or you can open your browser and open the Zee5 website. After that, you have to logging to enjoy free Zee5 without a recharge.
I hope you like this article and I love to tell you this kind of offer and features we can get during a hard time. Hope all things will came down and we will rise again like just before of lockdown. We will meet again in my next article.


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