How to print a multi pages pdf file Duplex print on Your Duplex Printer 2020

Hi again, this is Sambit. I am going to tell you a good secret about the auto duplex printer.
This printer can print on both sides of the paper automatically. You do not have to do anything after an order for print.  Let me tell you I have recently purchased an auto-duplex printer for my office use. 

And I found it can print both sides of the paper and save my 50% paper costs.
It has no limit to print and maintains cost is approx zero now. I will discuss all the features of my new Epson L1455 printer in my next articles.

Let’s open your pdf that you have to print and start the tutorial.

Step One: Open the pdf the file you want to print on both side and save your 50% of pages.

Step Two:  Click that print icon of the top left corner under the main menu to open the print bar.

Step Three: Top of the print bar you have to select your auto duplex printer using by down arrow symbol. And check pages to print options as you wish. You can select particular pages for print.

 Step Four: On the checkbox “Print on both sides of paper” for both side printing. Remain two things that every time the paper has to flip side by side or top to bottom. 

So, if your print is portrait mode then choose flip on the long edge and chose flip on short edge if your print paper is on landscape mode.
This is all and you have to click print and do your job with a 50% paper-saving way.
You can select or choose black & white print from your pdf viewer if you wish, otherwise, your print will be in color mode.

Hope you find this article helpful. I will bring a more interesting helpful tech article for you, my tech reader. So, be happy and take care. See you soon.
Good Bye.

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