2017 Suzuki Gixxer SF ABS review, Evaluation ride

The Suzuki Gixxer and its faired twin, the SF, are our most beloved bikes in the premium, sporty 150-160cc section, due to their utterly happy riding experience. The latter nevertheless is now equipped with an optional single-channel Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), making it the only bike in this section in India to offer this safety-net.

Visually, there isn’t any actual change in the routine Gixxer SF. Naturally, there is the newest SP special edition black-silver-red paint scheme for 2017, however if we are being honest, we actually chosen the earlier matte-gray SP paint project, as well as the conventional MotoGP inspired blue. If you see closely, however, you can see that wheel speed sensor on the front brake rotor and the little ABS sticker on the front mudguard. In general, it’s always been a decent-looking motorcycle. But on the FI version, the vacant space where you’d ordinarily have the gas prick on the carbed bike is an eyesore.

This ABS version weighs in 1kg over the non-ABS bike, but it’s not sufficient to impact performance and retains the acceleration figures in exactly the exact same ballpark. In comparison to this carburetted bike though, the FI brings in more refinement, and also the top end pull is more powerful. What blew us away however were that the mileage figures that the fuel-injection system uttered — 47.5kpl in the city and astoundingly 62.1kpl on the highway.

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It’s sure-footed and a complete hoot to throw round corners — the very enjoyable bike in its section for certain. Ride quality is by no way lavish, but it manages its own share of bad streets with relative ease. The main talking point here is that the single-channel ABS which has not made a great deal of difference when it comes to braking on dry tarmac, with its stopping distance from 80kph being almost identical to that of their normal twin-disc equipped Gixxer SF. However, on wet or loose surfaces, ABS provides a significant safety internet and confidence increase, with all the bike pulling to a stop with no play even if you grab a handful of brake. That said, the sense in the lever still remains quite vague and you want to place your faith in the ABS to perform its job nicely.

It’s already a fairly fantastic bike, and you can not go wrong even with the conventional version. However, we surely believe shelling out that additional moolah to the additional security is extremely much worth it.